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Cripple Creek, Colorado has Gold Rush Charm

Posted on September 12, 2022 by Claude Champany

Gambling Anyone? This can be a quaint little old west town that has been hugh through the gold rush, gold was initially discovered within 1890. There have been a large number of residents throughout that time. When the rush was over-all individuals left also it almost became a ghost town. Then in 1991 they allowed gambling in the city also it brought new lease of life to the region.

Gambling anyone? - you can find only three towns in Colorado which are approved for high stakes gambling which is a good old west town to hold out in. Remember the blackjack, poker and slots.

This gambling is simply as fun as likely to Vegas but with much more old west charm. Addititionally there is shopping in quaint little shoppe's, there is also railroad rides, a theater, live entertainment and a lot of restaurants. Do not forget to go to the museums and antique shops. Needless to say in case you are into camping or taking your RV on the highway, there is absolutely no shortage of RV Parks. In case you are in to the outdoors there's a lot of hiking, climbing and rafting. Fall is coming and I bet the leaves will undoubtedly be spectacular at 9,464 feet above sea level. Then remember the cross-country skiing that winter will bring.

Spend your time and effort performing a driving tour of the gold mines. Have a tour on The Golden Loop Historic Parkway. It is possible to follow the Trail of Gold a century Long!

This is really a trip back in its history that's defiantly worth the trip it requires to obtain there on just a little winding mountain road. In case you are via Canon City, expect one hour drive increasing....but decreasing it is considerably faster. It really is about 45 miles from Colorado Springs.